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tasktop overview

With an expanding client base, Tasktop was looking for a way to revitalize and simplify their sales and product explaining process.  Together, we set out to refine Tasktop’s story, sell the meaningful value of their product, and convert curious browsers into users.  Their place of selling business to business, requires a more diverse approach in their sales process.  This is because Tasktop must appeal to multiple levels within a business.  And with software delivery being a complex process to explain, Tasktop must provide resources that cater to multiple levels of understanding or involvement.

To meet Tasktop’s unique challenge, we devised a plan.  We created new visual concepts to illustrate complex ideas of software delivery.  Teaming up with LiJa Consulting, for their expertise in creative writing and industrial storytelling, we set out to tell a compelling and informative story.  


Animation: Jackson Ammenheuser, Megan Jedrysiak
Script: Lisa Kay Parker
Sound: Alex XIII
Client: Tasktop